We are in a perpetual mission of trying to understand the world around us. Getting to unveil the way things work is key for predicting their behaviour, exploiting their strengths or event replicate their virtues. But for effectively grasping the way they function, we need Data about them. Fortunalely, Data is just out there. The bad news is, information is sometimes difficult to capture, complex to interpret, and too vast to be fully processed.
Semantic and Big Data technologies can help us to enroll machines for this cause, so we can stop fearing the immensity of the Data but rather fall in love with it. The Web has revealed its strengths as a mine of real world objects and shared taxonomies that computers can leverage on to complement, refine and contextualize this Data. Those new information techniques open a window to a more sophisticated, human-like reasoning over the Data to ultimately try to make sense out of it.